5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Even More Amazing! 

Planning a wedding is no joke. Overwhelm starts to sink in at about month two and I get emails from clients everyday asking for advice. Here are a few small details you can incorporate into your day which are totally lovely, photograph well and will take your wedding to another level of amazing. 

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Nice Hanger.

Bringing along a nice wooden hanger for your gown is a simple way to uplevel your getting ready photos. The plastic hanger doesn't really scream,"special day" and the hotel hangers are often not movable from the closet. 

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First looks are not just for your love to see you before the ceremony. This is a great 5 minutes of your getting ready time to include your dad or perhaps your bridemaids. This is easy to coordinate and is so special for all involved.

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C'mere rover.

Including your pet has become such a treat for me to photograph. This can be done easily in the beginning of the day. Bring a family member or pro handler to wrangle your furry friend and to be the treat-keeper. 


write me a love letter.

During the getting ready portion of the day is a great time to exchange gifts or letters. A bridal party member can deliver the goods and I can photograph your reaction. It's priceless and is a fabulous way to start the day!

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go state!

During the reception is the perfect time to include all your friends from college, high school, med school, etc. Designate a friend to bring your school's banner or flag. A quick, group photo with all your favorite peeps is always a crowd pleaser.