Mike and Charlotte were just married this weekend in Bristol! Their wedding pics are coming up next but their engagement session was oh-so-sweet.

There was a storm passing by throughout the session. We had sprinkles but not enough rain to stop us! One of the greatest parts of an overcast day is the soft light. No need to worry about squinty eyes or looking for shade away from the harsh sun. We could shoot just about anywhere! I tend to stop quite a bit while walking as soon as I see something that catches my eye. You will always here me go, "Can we stop here for a sec? or ohhhhh this is so pretty!" One of those places during this session was in front of a parking lot! Yes, a parking lot. I knew it would photograph beautifully and look like we were in a garden. (4th image set from the top) A busy road in front of them and a giant parking lot behind them, but I knew it would be magic.