What a sweet couple! Jake and Helen made every aspect of their planning and vision of their wedding to be easy-breezy and fun. I completely enjoyed sharing in their celebration and I even learned something new about wedding traditions. (I love learning new things, especially about weddings, parties and love stories!!)

Helen told me the story of the bridal veil as I was shooting her getting ready photos. While there are many tales of how the custom of the veil originated, Helen told me the bible story of Rachel and Jacob. It seems Rachel's father tricked Jacob and substituted his oldest daughter on the wedding day for Rachel. Jacob had no idea that his beloved, Rachel, was not standing before him. Her sister Leah stood before him covered by a heavy veil. The old switch-a-roo. The tradition of lifting the veil off the bride's face started as a way for the groom to check he was marrying the right woman! 

Caterer: Smoke and Pickles

Wedding Planner: Without A Hitch