My boyfriend laughs everytime I tell him about my newest clients. He says, "Wait, lemme, they are the sweetest people??" Haha. I guess I say that often. The truth is, I attract the sweetest and most genuine couples. The energy you focus on the most, you create more of. Soooo bring on the SWEETEST couples on earth! It's like Hershey Park over here! 

Greg and Ashley are part of my sweetest couples on earth club. Their day was laid back, fun and totally perfect. I knew all the best spots in and around Narragansett for photos and they trusted me to schedule those moments into the day. I knew Ashley was ready to hike out to some fabulous ocean cliffs when I saw her sneakers! Hehe. Adventure Ahoy! I'm wishing that their marriage maintains this same energy for years and years to come :)

Venues: Aqua Blue and Narragansett Towers