Chris and Nancy Wedding | Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Traveling back home to PA is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. My family all lives there and it's so great to visit as much as I can. Just two hours northwest of Philadelphia is a place called Kutztown. It is at Blair Vineyards, in Kutztown, that I met up with Chris and Nancy for their wedding day. I went to high school with Nancy and we have known each other for ages. It is always an honor to photograph someone I know personally and that they trust me to capture bits and pieces of their lives.

Shinkyu and Ellie Engagement | Boston, Massachusetts

What a hot afternoon walking around the back bay in Boston! These two had a practice session in New York City a few months ago so they are engagement session pros! The back bay is so fun to explore and where I spent quite a bit of time during grad school. From the Public Garden, to the Charles River, the Common...Boston is oh so charming!

Caleb and Laura Engagement | Boston, Massachusetts

Most couples are so nervous about being photographed. The engagement session is the first time they have ever been photographed professionally. I usually ask when the last time was they were photographed without a smart phone present. The answer is usually their senior portraits in high school. *gasp* There is always a bit of a worry about how they will look, if it will be awkward, etc. My philosophy is to keep an engagement session relaxed and playful. I strive for real emotion and I adore hearing about how their love story began.

Mike and Charlotte Wedding | Bristol, Rhode Island

It's an amazing experience when a family comes from near and far to celebrate a wedding. The music in the air, the food and drink, the excitement, the laughter. It is something to witness and has an electricity all its own. Of course, perhaps that's the reason I have been shooting weddings for the past ten years. I cannot get enough of that feeling.

Charlotte and Mike were married at one of my favorite venues, Mount Hope Farm in Bristol. It's such a quaint venue with a cozy, rustic feel. They were so excited to celebrate and dance and laugh on their wedding day and every minute of that shows.

Tim and Stacie Engagement | Providence, Rhode Island

Here is one of my favorite couples on this planet! Tim and Stacie are truly two of the most amazing people I have ever met. Years ago, I met Stacie on a shoot where she was modeling high end, custom heels. We connected right away and worked with each other over the years on various editorial and styled shoots. Tim has also modeled with Stacie on several shoots and while they have "played" bride and groom, this is the first time they ever posed for their real engagement session. I am always so deeply honored when past models, photographers, designers and friends come to me to photograph their greatest moments in life.

Daniel and Tori Engagement | Brooklyn, New York

I met up with Tori and Daniel in Brooklyn. One moment it was sunny and the next we were running for cover to get away from the downpour. One of the most challenging aspects of an engagement session is the weather and groups of people.

Weather can change quickly on the east coast. While I would typically recommend rescheduling, sometimes the weather changes while shooting and the weather channel was not very, uh, accurate. Luckily, there are cute umbrellas, overhangs, interior nooks, etc.

Urban environments have tons of tourists, especially during the warmer months of the year. It becomes a dance or maybe a game, like street hockey. Game on. Game off. Haha. This is how we play the game in Brooklyn.

Emma and Rhodri Wedding | Freedom, New Hampshire

There is something special about summer love. Maybe it's because it reminds me of movies and the beginnings of great love stories? Maybe it's because it reminds me specifically of the movie Grease when Sandy and Danny find summer love on a beach and break into song?

This sweet couple from the UK found love while they were camp counselors in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Apparently Camp Robin Hood has led to many a summer romance and even weddings! How amazing is it to go back to where your love started, surrounded by the forest and people who adore you? Even more amazing when most of the guests flew from across the Atlantic!

Bruce and Phyllis Wedding | Boston, Massachusetts

Bruce and Phyllis had a small ceremony and gathering of dear friends and family in downtown Boston at The Liberty. The Liberty Hotel has an interesting past and you can see it in the architecture of the rooms and the atrium. It's such a cool place for a celebration or to people watch while having a cocktail. Boston is never lacking in glamour, that is for sure!

Steve and Tilda Wedding | New Haven, Connecticut

I met up with Steve and Tilda in Brooklyn, NY for their engagement session for a fun afternoon of ice cream, sight seeing and a powdered paint war. I knew their wedding would be all kinds of fun! We started off downtown New Haven and ended up at Lighthouse Point Park. It was a beautiful blend of east meets west with both of their cultures colliding.

Jeff and Sarah Engagement | Newport, Rhode Island

Here in New England, we have such amazing landscapes to choose from when planning an engagement session. In Newport, there are beaches, woods, mansions and clapboard houses dating back to the later part of the 17th century!

As soon as I saw this red door in downtown Newport, I knew it needed to be part of Sarah and Jeff's session. Their engagement photos are a great example of what I talk about when I mention "color story" to my couples. Part of the fun of planning a session is putting together a wardrobe and a color story. This creates a visually cohesive collection of work. I love getting emails and texts from brides, excited to show me their outfit choices. This also creates a great energy and buzz about your engagement!

Mike and Charlotte Engagement | Bristol, Rhode Island

Mike and Charlotte were just married this weekend in Bristol! Their wedding pics are coming up next but their engagement session was oh-so-sweet.

There was a storm passing by throughout the session. We had sprinkles but not enough rain to stop us! One of the greatest parts of an overcast day is the soft light. No need to worry about squinty eyes or looking for shade away from the harsh sun. We could shoot just about anywhere! I tend to stop quite a bit while walking as soon as I see something that catches my eye. You will always here me go, "Can we stop here for a sec? or ohhhhh this is so pretty!" One of those places during this session was in front of a parking lot! Yes, a parking lot. I knew it would photograph beautifully and look like we were in a garden. (4th image set from the top) A busy road in front of them and a giant parking lot behind them, but I knew it would be magic.

JT and Whitney Wedding | Monterre Vineyards Orefield Pennsylvania

JT and Whitney Wedding | Monterre Vineyards Orefield Pennsylvania

The more I shoot, the more I see. I picked up a camera in high school and have never put it down. Shooting a wedding, in particular, speaks to me on such a deep level. Finding love is a magical thing. To find another human being that is your reflection, makes you want to become a better person and truly "gets" you, is nothing short of a miracle.

I was lucky enough to be asked by JT and Whitney to share in their celebration. It's always an honor when a friend, peer or colleague asks me to shoot their wedding. JT and my brother grew up together. They are part of a very tight-knit group of guys. It's been pretty amazing to watch all of them over the years. Being asked to photograph them is so much like coming home.


Jon and Stephanie Engagement | Jamestown Rhode Island

Jon and Stephanie Engagement | Jamestown Rhode Island

How amazing is it to smell salt air and be close to the sea everyday? It makes it even more magical when you mix in a couple in love. One of the best parts of my job is really getting to know my clients. During an engagement session and hanging out for an afternoon is the best way to do just that. Stephanie and Jon took me to some of their favorite spots in Jamestown and as we drove from place to place, I was told stories of their dates and adventures.


Yin and Julia Engagement | MIT Boston Massachusetts

Yin and Julia Engagement | MIT Boston Massachusetts

It is something special to be taken on a tour of how a couple met. I love
this about engagement sessions. Yin and Julia took me on a walking tour of
the MIT campus in Cambridge to show me all of their favorite spots and
told me the story of how they met. Makes my heart happy.


Lisa and Laurel Wedding | Ocean House, Westerly Rhode Island

Lisa and Laurel Wedding | Ocean House, Westerly Rhode Island

Nothing makes me happier than an elopement. Truly, all weddings have a deep place in my heart but there is something so incredibly intimate about small weddings and elopements.

Lisa and Laurel decided an elopement fit them perfectly and asked that I meet them on the beach in Westerly along with their family. Their families made a half-circle around them and afterwards they wanted to go to the water. That action of going to the water together after the ceremony is one I have seen many times and it never ceases to strike a cord in my soul. It becomes this unspoken baptism of love.

I often spend the entire summer on the beach, toes in the sand, photographing weddings. I can usually be found in the water, up to my knees trying to get the perfect angle. It is one of my favorite places to be and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

James and Lacy Wedding |  Providence Public Library Providence, Rhode Island

James and Lacy Wedding | Providence Public Library Providence, Rhode Island

It is always such an honor to be passed around a group of friends, when they can check off their wedding list photographer box with ease. I love knowing most of the people at an event. It feels like coming home and celebrating with your own family and friends! James and Lacy are such a loving and amazing couple. Being surrounded by books and the city of Providence too? That was just the icing on the cake!


Mike and Liz Wedding |  Florence Griswold Museum Old Lyme Connecticut

Mike and Liz Wedding | Florence Griswold Museum Old Lyme Connecticut

I love waiting quietly for an image to arise. Like a bubble you can feel
it drifting towards the surface. It's moments in between moments that I
watch evolve at a wedding. Sometimes I say something silly or odd just for
the reaction that comes after the first reaction. It's a way of cutting
through akwardness and often times reveals the most beautiful expressions
and emotions. Liz and Mike's wedding was nothing short of stunning! They
were cracking jokes and fist bumping all day. It was so much fun watching
them interact with each other.


Kellan and Jenny Wedding | South Kingston Rhode Island

Kellan and Jenny Wedding | South Kingston Rhode Island

I remember the excitement on the farm when I arrived the day of Jenny and Kellan's wedding. There was so much love surrounding them. Friends and family from all over the country gathered on Kellan's family farm to wish them well in their new lives together. I had just been there a few months before to shoot their engagement session and visit the farm. They were so excited to show me the wedding plans, each beautiful nook of the farm, construction that was taking place, the treehouse, the chickens, the dogs! It was such a labor of love and a testament to their commitment to each other.


Rob and Hayley Wedding | Oceancliff Newport Rhode Island

Rob and Hayley Wedding | Oceancliff Newport Rhode Island

 The way these two look at each other is pure magic. There is no better thing to witness than love and with these high school sweethearts it's easy to see. Hayley and Rob's beautiful wedding took us all around Newport: from Oceancliff to Bowen's Wharf to The International Tennis Hall of Fame! It was an insanely great day from beginning to end.

 (Dress: L'Elite Boston Hair Styling: Bloom Salon Cake: La Salle Bakery
Music: GQ and The Lady Favors: Glass With A Twist Video: Memories RI  Ice
Sculpture: Brilliant Ice)


Rob and Hayley Engagement | Bristol Rhode Island

Rob and Hayley Engagement | Bristol Rhode Island

These two are quite the pair. High school sweethearts and forever in love. We even went back to place where their love began for their engagement session. They told me of afternoons spent running through the woods during track practice and the science lab where they first met. Young love is one of my favorite things to witness!