Family Portrait Magic

The family portrait time is a short but important piece of your day. It can be like herding cats with family members going MIA to chat with their boss or working their way through the crowd for a martini. Here are five tips to keep it organized and stress-free. 


Family Meeting time

Because weddings are family affairs, I recommend calling a family meeting on both sides of your family and your sweetheart's family. Next backyard BBQ, Sunday dinner or movie night call together your side of the family and have a brief discussion about the family portrait time set aside on the wedding day(typically 20-45mins). Ask for must have list. Do we want all the aunties in one pic? All the cousins in another? Or group them all in one giant extended photo? This small bit of prep goes a long way in setting expectations and allowing that time to run smoothly and stress-free.


Them are fightin' words

Listen, sometimes family members DO NOT get along. Maybe there was a messy divorce, a fight at the last superbowl party, etc. If you know of family members who do not get along make sure you deal with this before the wedding day. Are they willing to be in one photo together? Do they need to have seperate times for family photo session so they aren't breathing the same air? Trust me, dealing with this ahead of time is the way to go.


old peeps, young peeps

Let your photographer know of your eldery, young and disabled family members. I like to shoot these folks in the beginning of family time  so I can make them comfy asap. Quick photo then off to the nearest sippy cup or cocktail.


hey friend.

Dear friends should always be included in your celebration. I recommend writing down which groups are must haves (high school pals, college pales, etc.) During the reception is usually the best time to organize these casual shots. 


Prepartion is key

I have my clients fill out questionnaire to prepare for this part of the day. It helps me and it helps them. Just a bit of prepartion and thought in this area will make your day so enjoyable, stress-free!