How do you want to be remembered?

There are so many milestones that happen to a family: pregnancy, adoption, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, vacations, new home, new pet. There are many more moments that are a bit more quiet and slowly fleeting. There are moments like baking cookies together; batter all over the counter and sticky hands. There are moments like snuggling in bed on a Sunday morning; kids bouncing on the bed and coffee brewing downstairs. There are moments like a family basketball game in the driveway; no one is keeping score and everyone is giggling. 

Each new chapter of life deserves to be celebrated in a beautiful way. I want your memories to stop living on your smartphone. I want you to put away the tripod and actually step into the photograph with your family. I want you to remember your kids being kids before they are all grown-up. I want you to remember what your baby’s nursery looked like and how you rocked her to sleep. 

These sessions are on location family outings and activities type portraits, not everyone in white shirts and khakis portraits. Full sessions begin at $400. Email me for more information and a complete price list: