I believe people collide for a reason.

I believe in belly-laughter, randomness and sarcasm in large doses.

I believe in getting a little lost and coming home with sand and/or dirt in my boots.

I believe in the magic of the ocean, old books and ancient trees.

I believe in following your own beat and the power of positivity. 

Photography brings people together, it speaks the truth, it captures a moment in time, it is the witness to love and celebration, it holds onto fleeting moments for just a bit longer. Photography is a reminder that life is just….so, damn beautiful. 


My two kiddos, seltzer water in a can, horses, a specific shade of seafoam-grey-green, scandinavian/bohemian/70s design, yoga, dry shampoo, 80's movies, cooking new recipes for my brood, traveling and listening to all kinds of music from Johnny Cash to Jack White.


Nail polish on my fingernails (toes are ok), styrofoam cups, cruise ships and ball pits.






Rhode Island Wedding Photographer