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London | Travel

In May, while helping to shoot a wedding in Scotland, I decided to extend my trip and visit my dear friend in London and then finish up in Ireland. It was quite the whirlwind adventure but it was also very eye opening! It sparked something in me that had been silenced since my early 20′s. This hunger and yearning to travel and see the world has returned to me. Not just a yearning for a weeks vacation…no something much deeper. I dream of total cultural immersion. As a young woman I studied in Italy and then moved to Hungary which completely changed my life! It’s as if you are looking at the world with childlike wonder. Seeing things for the first time. Waking up each day with a real innocence. It’s calling to me again… in a small, repetitive whisper as dreams do.



Jorge and Sarah | Engagement

These two. So much love here. As I was editing these photos I was smiling when they smiled, as if they could both see me.

There may not be enough words to say how sweet and gentle they are with each other. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

” There are all types of love in this world but never the same love twice.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald


July 10, 2014 - 6:59 am

Jenn Jump - AMAZING & Wonderful pictures!!

July 11, 2014 - 9:07 am

Loretto Lacayo - Beautiful! What an amazing journey you have started! Many blessings ????

Andrew and Jennifer | Wedding

The year was 2000, a time in my life that was rocked with change. When life gets like that, if I can, I cozy away into the woods of Pennsylvania. Those forests remind me to breathe and walk slower. In comes Jen, a high spirited Scottish girl who would be my tent mate for much of the summer as we taught young girls all about camping, hiking and friendship. I knew instantly we would be dear friends but never until one afternoon would I look at her much more like a sister. We had decided to take our small crew of fifteen girls on a creek hike. I knew the area well, taking hikes in the same creek as a young child slogging along its twists and turns. That afternoon I took a wrong turn onto a path which had more rocks and higher water then I remembered. One of the girls slipped on a rock and fell, gashing her knee. Our first aid kit was useless, the inner lock rusted shut. We went to walkie for help and our battery went dead. Just as we decided to turn around and go back, we heard a distance rumble of thunder. Being in a creek bed during a thunderstorm was a bad thing. We kept singing and ushering the girls swiftly to the wooded path back to camp. Just as we hit the field the clouds let loose with thunder and lightning. It was quite the adventure and one I will never, ever forget. Jen and I bonded in the creek that day that has lasted these fourteen years. Camp sisterhood is a bond that is…well, pure magic.

When she told me she was getting married, I knew I had to be there. So I flew to Scotland and helped to photograph her special day. I know she will go through many twists and turns throughout her marriage just as we did that day in the creek. I can’t imagine a better pair than Andrew and Jen to take on those twists and turns together. Holding hands through it all. Andrew, she is amazing to have near you when the first aid kit fails, the walkie dies and the thunder starts rolling in.

It was indescribable trying to leave the reception that night knowing that I may not see her for quite sometime and the happiness I held in my heart for both of them. Tears pouring down my face all I could say was,” Good night. I’m going to go see about a cab.”


Rob and Krista | Engagement

Last month just before I left for Scotland, I met up with Rob and Krista in downtown Providence for their engagement session. I completely adore Providence, I really do. We caught the tail end of trees in their springtime bloom. It was a perfect late spring night to take a walk to all of my favorite spots in the city.

Rob and Krista have such a great vibe about them, they laugh and I laugh with them. Rob broke out a zoolander pose and I was like–Yeees that’s it! Go with that! lol. I know an amazing secret as a photographer. It’s a moment that happens with everyone and if you are patient and quick to catch it….well it’s nothing short of magic. This brief moment comes to all of us when we let our guard down, act goofy, totally ridiculous even. It’s the moment that directly follows that I want to photograph. That’s the moment when pure joy and happiness or the beauty of pure stillness reveals itself. Thank you Rob and Krista for trusting me with every zoolander pose, every raised eyebrow, every belly laugh. I cannot wait for your fall wedding!


Rob and Hayley | Wedding

Witnessing young love is a magical experience. Rob and Hayley met in high school and have been smitten ever since. I hold a special place in my heart for those high school sweethearts. I shared a story at our first meeting about my own parents and how they were high school sweethearts too. While photographing on Bowens Wharf we ironically ran into my parents (they were visiting from PA and happened to be shopping in Newport), Hayley without missing a beat said, “You were high school sweethearts too right? Olivia told us.” My mother with tears in her eyes congratulated them, wishing them many years of health and happiness together, telling them the adventure is just beginning. She was genuinely excited for their new beginning as was every loved one that surrounded them that day.


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